Free Spins vs Casino Bonuses: Which Offer to Claim?

The world of online casinos can be vast and confusing. The moment you land on any casino website, they will offer you a bonus to start with. After that, you will be offered multiple promotions, all with different and confusing terms. Every offer will have a maximum win or a wagering requirement. Certain bonuses can only be played on specific games, while others are playable everywhere.

We also found that two types of promotions are absolutely dominant: free spins and deposit match bonuses. Online casinos will usually offer you both at the same time to start with as part of a welcome offer. After that, you will be forced to choose between them. Which one should you choose? Is one better than the other? Read on to find out!

Close Up on Free Spins

If you want people to try your product, one of the best ways to do so is to give them a sample. The attractive cost of nothing may cause them to try it! It is a relatively low cost for you, but it could gain you a new, long-standing customer. This is exactly what free spins are in the world of casino bonuses. They offer you a foot in the door, a way to experience something new.

However, most free spins bonuses are not free. They require you to deposit a certain amount of money to qualify. Furthermore, the casino you are playing at will impose restrictions on you. Many promotions will restrict you to spend those free spins on specific slots or casino games. You will also have to meet wagering requirements if you want to turn that bonus money into real cash.

Occasionally, you will run into maximum win limits. These are most frequent with no deposit free spins but can make an occasional appearance in regular free spins. For this reason, we recommend double-checking the T&C of every bonus you plan to signup for. Yes, it is extra effort, but it will save you many headaches in the future!

Diving into Match Bonuses

Match promotions work on the same principle of free. However, this is not the same as free spins. Rather than playing a set number of times, match bonuses give you some extra money on top of your deposit. You can then spend this additional cash on your favourite games. At least, that is the fantasy online casinos will sell you.

Gate 777 welcome bonus

We compare different welcome bonuses offered by online casinos nowadays.

In truth, deposit match promotions face two major hurdles: wagering requirements and game restrictions. There will be a list of games that you will not be allowed to play with a deposit match offer active. Table games, roulette and live casino releases usually fall in this category unless otherwise specified. Although, this still gives more options than the standard free spins bonus offer, since that usually sets a specific game.

Comparing the Two

You might expect these two to be drastically different. However, you would be wrong. It is because they are somewhat similar that online casinos default to them. Both give you an extra boost that entices you into playing further. Both are restricted in some capacity via wagering requirements and other methods.

These other methods can vary between the two. For example, win limits are more frequent with free spins. Meanwhile, wagers that you cannot change appear more often for deposit match promotions. However, both of these conditions can also appear for the other bonus: they are just rarer. This shows just how similar the structure between the two promotions is.

Picking the Right One

As such, it will come as no shock that there is no better choice between these two bonuses. The right pick will always be the promotion that gives you better terms and conditions. Do you get more free spins or bonus money? Which one has the better wagering requirements? Are my wins limited by one promotion, but not the other? These are all important questions you need to ask yourself before choosing.

Over the years of writing about Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations, we have learned there is only one method to pick a bonus. Lean back in your chair, get a cup of tea and read the terms and conditions very carefully. Every detail you see helps you make the right decision. We suggest starting with our reviewed online casinos and seeing where Lady Luck takes you!