Choosing a Casino Software Provider: What You Need to Know

For most things, having multiple choices is a good thing. However, there is such a thing as having too much choice. It is a growing problem we see with TV channels or Netflix. You have so many things you could watch; you feel overwhelmed and do not watch anything at all!

A similar thing can occur when choosing a casino software provider to play with. Just about every developer brings something slightly different to the table. While choosing one can be troublesome, it does not have to be. In this article, we will help you break the decision down into a few basic elements.

What Games Are You Looking For?

This is the biggest question you should ask yourself when picking a casino software provider. Many developers have a similar library of games, but some do it better than others. If you want to play slots, the undeniably best bet is NetEnt. They have a long list of available releases that will keep you occupied for weeks.

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Of course, that does not mean NetEnt is only good for slots. They have a presence in other genres, such as live casino games. That said, other developers like Evolution Gaming offer a better product in that space. If you want to live dealer titles, you may end up swapping from one software provider to another.

Game Rules and RTP

When you first start playing casino games, keeping track of some differences can be difficult. As you get more experienced, you will learn to notice how certain developers offer different rules in different releases. One of the most obvious rule swaps is the 3:2 versus 6:5 blackjack payout.

If one developer offers the same title with better rules and a higher RTP, you should definitely take it. There is no way to beat the casino in the long term. This is why players should take every possible advantage, no matter how small. They may not seem like a big deal now but will be a major benefit in the future.

Licenses and Reputation

Similar to online casinos, regulators can also license developers. Once a regulator licenses a casino software provider, they can offer their games in that market. Seeing the license of a respected regulator like the Malta Gaming Authority goes a long way. It works as a guarantee that the software you are playing on is fair.

Another important thing to consider is the developer’s reputation. Established software providers have a long and storied history. If they have been around for a few years, they are usually trustworthy enough to play with. All developers we feature at Indian Casino Club fall into this category! You can play with any of the software providers we feature, and will not have to worry about being scammed.