Can You Bet on Zero in Roulette and Is It Worth It?

Roulette offers a massive amount of bets. Many first time players can feel overwhelmed at first. However, it does not take long to get the hang of the numerous wagers. One bet many players often consider is betting on zero. It is excluded from all outside bets. Several side bets are also centered around the number. It has captivated the imaginations of many punters. Today, we answer all the questions you have about the number zero in roulette.

The Number of Zeroes

Naturally, different rules apply to different roulette games. However, the shift from European to American roulette brought one of the largest changes. In our comparison between French and American roulette, we pointed out that American roulette has two zeroes. Roulette fans will find the single zero they are already familiar with. There is also a double zero field, which is functionally identical.

An increased number of zeroes is bad for optimal play. Zeroes are not encompassed by any of the outside bets, after all. As such, having two zeroes instead of one means your RTP will be lower. There is a reason European roulette is so far ahead of its American counterpart online. Without regional restrictions holding players hostage, they have opted for the better version.

Betting on Green

It is possible to place a bet on the number zero. We can either place a direct number bet or have it combined with numbers near it. A direct number bet is the simplest option. In European roulette, you will have a 1 in 36 chance of the ball landing on a zero. American roulette has two zeroes, so the odds are lower. Zero and double zero are separate notches on the wheel and separate bets.

Outside of direct bets, you can also wager on zero using side bets. For example, voisins du Zero is a stake that covers several numbers including zero. However, similarly to direct betting, the zero only wins if it is drawn.

Worth Checking Out?

Betting on zero by itself does not offer any kind of advantage. No popular roulette strategy targets the number. All of them are focused on outside bets, as they have the greatest odds of winning. In fact, the zero is often the enemy of the roulette strategy. As it cannot be drawn by an outside bet, it gives the house its slight advantage.

Roulette wheel on a table

If you plan to apply some of the popular roulette strategies, then zero can come as an obstacle.

You cannot bet on zero and expect it to make up the difference, either. Outside bets used by roulette strategies all pay 1:1 when won. Even if you won the non-zero bet, you would not break even. Meanwhile, wins from zero would give you a payout. However, you would need to draw zero consistently. We just do not think that is worth it.

Does that mean there is no room for zero bets? Indian Casino Club cannot offer the answer entirely. If you have a set of lucky numbers that work for you, you should not change them for us. If you are an advantage player, you should seek advice from the aforementioned roulette strategies. However, if you just want to have fun? The zero bet will be worth it as long as you are enjoying yourself.