Best Ways to Withdraw Your Online Casino Winnings

Players quite frequently like to focus on the act of winning. We look up strategies to help us get an edge over the casino. We cling to old superstitions like squeezing baccarat cards hoping it will give us good luck! Often, people are so caught up on winning and getting lucky, that they forget what comes afterwards. The thrill of taking home a huge win by cashing out their prize!

Of course, anyone who got to that point knows what a pain withdrawing money can be. Depending on the online casino you have chosen, it can take much longer. Payment methods have a similar effect. While we cannot change how long it takes an operator to process a payment, we can help you choose the right payment method. If you want to know the best way to withdrawing your casino winnings, you are at the right place.

E-Wallets: Best Choice All-Around

If there was ever something akin to an iconic duo, then Indian players and e-wallets are it. They help us avoid most of the hassle we face using other payment methods. Their main appeal is the fact your transaction will never be blocked. When depositing and withdrawing, your bank is not able to see how you gained and lost money. They just see a transaction from the e-wallet.

This is not the only benefit it brings. E-wallets also come with the fastest withdrawal times among all other payment options. The only one that comes close to matching it are cryptocurrency withdrawals, and that is because they function in a similar fashion. E-wallets also give you an easy option to use foreign currencies, which helps for online casinos that do not support rupees.

However, this payment method is not without its flaws. It usually does not have any transaction costs depositing and withdrawing to and from the casino. However, the funds you get remain in your e-wallet. If you want to take them out into your bank account, you have to pay additional fees. You also have to wait for the funds to become available to you, negating the fast e-wallet withdrawal.

Players who opt to use this payment method may be interested in our best e-wallets for Indian players article. There, we listed some of the most popular and high-quality e-wallets, and the benefits they offer you. One of them even helps you get around the problem of waiting for funds to become available!

Cryptocurrency: Second Best

In March, India’s Supreme Court struck down the banking ban on cryptocurrencies. As a result, Indian players once again have access to this new payment method. It works in a similar fashion to e-wallets. You transform your real money into Bitcoin or any other currency you choose and are free to use that money as you see fit! Withdrawals are incredibly fast, and you have an extra layer of privacy.


What are the best methods to cashout your casino gains?

Unlike crypto, e-wallets still know where and how much you spent. If the government cracked down on them, they might restrict sending money to online casinos. However, cryptocurrency transactions are not limited in this fashion. There is no central bank for Bitcoin. As a result, using this option might even be preferable to e-wallets for security! Especially if you consider they have the same benefits and flaws.

Which begs the question: why is crypto second best? Well, it ultimately comes down to convenience. Playing at Indian online casinos with cryptocurrency takes a lot of extra effort. You will have to learn the system if you never used it before and you will probably have to change casinos. While many are embracing Bitcoin, it is not as widespread as e-wallets are.

Other Options

Bank transfers and withdrawals via credit and debit cards is also an option. That said, those transactions are far more likely to be blocked than if you use one of the other two methods. We have no doubt the banks would love to accept your money. However, they are unable to due to India’s law forbidding gambling. Given that online gambling exists in a grey area, banks would rather not risk it.

Take it from a group of fellow players that have tried plenty of Online Casino, Online Gambling & Variations. E-wallets and crypto have some extra steps you have to go through. That said, those extra annoyances are more than worth knowing your withdrawal will be delivered speedily and safely.