Are King & Queen the Most Important Cards in Online Rummy?

Experienced rummy players know the importance of decreasing your total point count. As a general rule of thumb, your hand should be composed of cards you can easily get rid of. As the cards that net the most points, kings, queens and jacks are cards you want to get rid of. However, you should not attempt to discard them blindly at every opportunity. Instead, you should try to use them.

Sequence the Court

Fans of online rummy understand the need to get rid of the court or face cards as soon as possible. All three cards are worth ten points, so getting rid of them at the earliest is very useful. It helps you reach zero faster, increasing your odds of winning. Even if you lose, it decreases how much you lose per round due to leftover points. In that aspect, kings, queens and jacks are important cards. Important to get rid of ASAP!

However, that does not mean immediately discarding them is the right call. Look over your current hand before doing so. Do you have a king and jack in your hand? Drawing a queen or joker can help you complete a pure or impure sequence, respectively. In doing so, you get rid of several high point cards at once. Much more effective than discarding them one by one!

On top of that, you may benefit from other players discarding a card you need. Your competitors may just have that missing queen you are after. Wait for a round or two, and see if an opportunity presents itself.

However, do not wait too long. If you do not get the desired cards to create a sequence or set early on, start discarding them. Waiting too long increases the risk of another casino member bringing his or her score to zero.

When to Discard?

Given that every round of rummy is a little different, it can be difficult to give exact advice. Then again, that is part of the charm when playing against other players. Our rummy strategy guide offers tips to employ to increase your odds. Particularly attentive readers may notice we advise you to discard as early as possible there.

Online Rummy gameplay

Discarding court cards when you don’t get the cards you wanted can notably increase your odds.

What works best for us is to wait for a round or two before we start discarding court cards. If we did not get the cards we need by then, keeping them around is troublesome. There is a chance getting rid of these cards helps another player sequence them away. However, that is preferable to losing with those cards raising your point total.

The best way to get the hand of discarding kings, queens and jacks is by practice. Find a low stakes table and start playing! You will quickly get the hang of things by watching other casino members and mimicking them. Until that happens, we hope this Indian Casino Club article helped you understand the importance of court cards. Take them seriously, get rid of them quickly, and you will enjoy playing online rummy!