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Jackpot Jester 200000 Slot Review

The Jackpot Jester 200000 online slot is one of the latest instalments in NextGen Gaming’s popular Jackpot Jester series and a game for any fan of classic high-variance machines. Like the games before it, the Jackpot Jester 200000 slot features dual 3-reel screens with 5 fixed paylines each to give Indian casino players a chance to spend more to make more. What you’ll definitely like about the game is the fact that you can play it on any mobile device but also its impressive jackpot of 200000 coins which can be claimed even on a smaller bet. However, what you may not like is the Jackpot Jester 200000 RTP, which can vary between 94.966% and 95.080%, depending on your bet.

Spend Small to Win Big

There are two ways to play the Jackpot Jester 200,000 online slot: play only the bottom screen or play both the bottom and the super bet game for bigger prizes. If you only want to play the lower screen, you will be charged 10 coins per round, which with the available coin values can cost you between 0.10 and 10 credits per spin. However, if you want to get access to the upper super bet game, you’ll need to pay 20 coins and place higher stakes of 0.20 to 20 credits.

Once you get started, the Jackpot Jester 200000 slot will pay you every time you line up three matching symbols on a payline. There are eight symbols in total that you can collect and they are all fruit machine icons with an added joker wild that triggers bonus prizes. If you play the lower 10-coin game, the prizes will start at 20 coins per sequence and go up to a maximum of 200 coins. Bet 20 coins, on the other hand, and you’ll not only be able to increase your payouts to up to 400 or 3,000 coins, but you’ll also get a shot to bank the main jackpot prize!

200000 Coin Jackpot Up for Grabs

Like in the Jackpot Jester games before it, this slot will let you win big prizes if you invest more coins into the upper screen. To get access to the Jackpot Jester 200000 bonus super bet game, you’ll need to first accumulate 100 coins in prizes at the bottom screen while betting 20 coins per round. After any prize is paid, the slot always gives you an option to collect it with your left-side button or keep it for use in the super bet game. Once 100 coins are accumulated, you can then hit the transfer button on your right to start playing at the top screen.

The reason why you pay such a price for the super bet game is that it gives you access to the biggest payouts in the Jackpot Jester 200000 online slot. In this special feature, you can win bigger prizes than in both base games (up to 3,000 coins per sequence) but also bonus payouts that are given by the joker wild symbols which pay any way and appear stacked on your reels. Collect 3 jokers for a prize of 100 coins or collect all nine to get paid a massive 200000 coin jackpot!

Can You Handle the Variance?

The Jackpot Jester 200000 slot is a great choice for players in India who like classic slot machines with a big payout potential. For a price of 100 coins, you get access to a special segment where even the smallest wins can contribute serious money to your bankroll, no matter your coin size. However, with the hit ratio being quite low and the 95.080% RTP, Jackpot Jester 200000 is not really a game meant for the inexperienced player. But if you can handle the risk, this slot will definitely give you a chance to reap the right rewards. Otherwise you can allways choose the Jackpot Jester 50,000!

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