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Break Da Bank Again Slot Review

Now here’s a slot that, in our opinion, popularized the multi-reel craze that gripped the industry at one point. There were others that did it before Microgaming brought this game out. But it was the first time a developer delivered a truly magnificent package. But that was back in 2008, over ten years at this point. Which begs the question: how does this release hold up a whole decade after its initial launch?

Break Da Bank Again’s RTP is 95.43%, which is below the 96% we are used to from modern slots. Available special features include Wilds with multipliers, free spins with multipliers, and multipliers that can combine with other multipliers. Multipliers? Multipliers. Oh, and you also have four boards you play on at the exact same time, which are active all the time. It can get a bit overwhelming at first, but just take it slow and you’ll have it in no time.

Like the original, the goal is to break into the vaults and snag as much gold as possible. And no matter how dated the symbols look, luxury and wealth are themes that will always be relevant. You get used to playing with four separate boards surprisingly quickly. It’s just a matter of focusing your attention where the action is happening. Four times the reels, four times the wins! But also four times the cost, so be careful.

Here’s the Facts

The game has a high volatility, which makes it perfect for serious players. There are a total of four playing fields, each one with nine fixed paylines. All boards are active at the same time. It sounds complex at first, but it really isn’t. We thought it might turn out to be a bit of a train-wreck with free spins, but Microgaming’s release sidesteps that issue entirely. When you trigger free spins, those are only played on the reels that initiated them.

First things on your to-do list when playing Break Da Bank Again should be to press the demo coins button to swap it to credits. From here, you can see the real price of each wager while you tweak available paylines, coins per payline and coin value. Gamblers can stake between ₹4 and ₹9000 on each spin, which is a great betting spread! Certainly when paired with the 375,000 coin jackpot.

It’s a luxury themed slot, so the icons are fittingly money-centred. Well, some of them are. Playing card royals continue to be a law unto themselves, not caring if they fit thematically. They’re there, and you can just bow your head to their magnificence. Other symbols include stacks of coins, a cheque, stacks of cash, golden bars, and a precious jewel.

Special Features

Four Reels: What sets this game apart from others is that you’re effectively playing four titles at the same time. Well, that’s usually the case. Except when you trigger free spins. Then it’s back to one reel with you.

Wilds and multipliers: Each Wild comes attached with a 5x multiplier that is applied to all wins it is a part of. This multiplier combines with the free spins one, for a 25x increase during that bonus.

Free Spins: Land three, four or five Scatters to win fifteen, twenty or twenty-five free spins. A 5x multiplier is applied to all wins while this special feature is active. Each time a Scatter lands, it adds one more free spin, capping at 100 turns.

What’s our Take?

We liked the appearance of this Microgaming release when it came out. And in some ways, it still looks good. It’s problem is more due to its age than anything else. Technology has advanced a lot since 2008, and player expectations are much higher. That said, we are sure a lot of gamblers would not be opposed to a visually revamped Break Da Bank Again. Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge.

That said, we realized this isn’t the right slot for us while playing it. If the idea of spinning four boards at once sounds like a fun time, then you’ll enjoy it. But for us, the novelty of such a system was quick to wear off. Its high volatility and strong jackpot make it a good game for high rollers who love chasing big wins.

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