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Rummy Strategy

Rummy is not the most commonly found online casino game. Nor is it a game where too many strategies exist. This can make things more challenging to find better ways to play than if you were opting to try your hand at more frequently appearing casino card games, like say roulette or blackjack.

However, while winning rummy strategies are few and far between, there are still a few tips and tricks you can work into your rummy gameplay, to ensure that you stand a half-decent chance of success. We’re going to look at those in this guide to rummy strategy.

Browse the Net to Find a Quality Rummy Game

Before playing online rummy for real money, players should consider scouting out their options. There aren’t as many rummy games online as blackjack, baccarat, roulette or table poker titles. However, if you do your homework and check out several different casinos, you will likely find something to your liking. Make sure that you pick a game which has the table limits you like, decent options and generous cash prizes. The more flexible and user-friendly the online rummy game is, the more likely you are to be able to enjoy playing it.

Rummy Strategies: Ignore or Take to Heart?

There are rummy strategies out there for you to check out. These are often similar to strategies for other card games. However, online rummy is no ordinary casino game. In fact, many don’t consider rummy a true gambling game at all - at least not in the online casino world. When using rummy strategies for real money betting, make sure that you are using one which is specialised for both online rummy and real money wagering. A rummy strategy for friendly, home-based gameplay with several players may not work out as well for you when betting online.

Immediately Think About Your Opponent Declaring

One of the simplest ways to lose a game of rummy is if your opponent declares while you are still holding bad cards. Every time you rearrange your hand or pick up a new card, try to think about how many points your hand is currently worth. Doing so will encourage you to ditch cards rapidly or play differently. Bearing in mind that your biggest enemy is your opponent declaring, here are a few tips which can help you alter your gaming style and strategy.

Aim for Pure Sequences

Players should and aim for pure sequences if possible. Players should always try and make pure sequences their ultimate objective. By doing so, you will avoid having the sum of all the points of your cards counted, should your opponent decide to declare.

Discard High-Value Cards

Carrying around high-value cards is not advised. Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces are all worth a lot of points. You could carry them around trying to form sequences and sets with these cards, but if your opponent chooses to declare and you are still carrying them, you’re going to accumulate a large number of points. It is best to discard these as soon as possible.

Keep an Eye Out for Jokers

Jokers come in handy when playing rummy online for real money. There are several different ways that you can use these cards to form pure sequences. Learn about the different ways that jokers can be put to good use, particularly when trying to get rid of cards in case your opponent declares.

Rearrange Your Hand

Rearranging your hand is ideal when playing rummy in a real environment, as it can often confuse opponents. That won’t be of any use against the computer in online rummy, though. However, there are still reasons why you may wish to rearrange your hand. Doing so might reveal a tactic that you didn’t think about before. It also minimises the risk that you’ll discard a useful card that you may have forgotten about, or just didn’t see.

Practice and Play

If you regularly play rummy with friends, it may be worth trying out some of the above advice in a friendly, risk-free environment. If you’re confident that they work, or can help you play, then incorporate them into your online gameplay when betting with real money.

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