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Andar Bahar Strategy

Andar Bahar is a popular online gambling game in Indian online casinos. Sometimes known as Katti, some like to claim that Andar Bahar is a game of skill. However, most people will readily admit that this is a game of chance or luck. As with most gambling games of luck, there are only so many things you can do to help land yourself a win.

There are no Andar Bahar strategies guides out there which can truly promise a win, and precious few tips and tricks. However, there are one or two things you can do to boost your chances of success. This short but straightforward guide will tell you everything you can possibly do to try and land a win playing this Indian casino game.

Understand the Game

The first thing that any Andar Bahar player should do is face reality. This a game of luck, not skill. It is a 50/50 game of chance that uses just a single deck of cards. The basic premise that the dealer will deal a face-up card in the middle of the table, along with face down cards to either side of that. Your task is merely to pick the cards on the left or right until a card is chosen, which matches the one in the middle. You are essentially betting on which side the matching card will appear on. That is all there is to it. As the matching card could fall on either side, there is no strategy involved in the game.

Keep Tabs on Your Balance

Despite being a simple game of chance, Andar Bahar can still cost real money to play at casinos. If you’re successful at Andar Bahar, you can walk away with a cash prize. However, if you aren’t, you can find yourself losing money fast. It is better to stick to small bets to start off with. Only raise your stakes once (and if) you have accumulated a pot of winnings; in short, if you are ahead of what you started with.

Betting Strategies May Work

Because Andar Bahar is played using even money odds, you do have the option of using simple betting strategies. Systems such as the Martingale may prove to be useful in ensuring that you do not lose too much, but they won’t help you win, so to speak. While those systems are advantageous to use in even-money games, they involve doubling your bet when you lose. Because of this, players need to ensure that they have a suitable balance to see them through losing streaks.

That is about all there is to this game, really. As mentioned, there aren’t too many things you can do to ensure a win. When playing Andar Bahar online for real money in an Indian online casino, managing your balance and praying that lady luck does you a solid is about as far as it goes.

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